It might seem odd that someone first encounters E-sports Betting. But eSports betting has grown in popularity over the years.

The sheer volume of events being held throughout the calendar year is increasing rapidly. Every betting site wants to offer customers as much betting opportunities possible. Most of our top rated and featured betting sites will offer betting markets on upcoming events in e-sports!

The range of odds available and the types you can place bets on esports events is just as broad and varied as betting on any other sport event. This guide will help you to understand the types and options you have and to provide insight into what esport tournaments and contests are currently available.

You should be aware, however, that betting on any sporting event requires you to shop around for the best odds.

Although the odds on each competitor will differ depending on where you place your wagers, it is common for the odds to be much higher at betting sites who sponsor any esports event. There may also be additional bonuses or consolation bets available at these betting sites.

E-Sports Betting Markets

When you begin to get involved in any type esports event, one thing you will quickly notice is that there will always be a winner.

Although this does not mean you should bet on the favorite to win, the odds are still good to check out other betting sites to ensure you get the best odds.

The odds you can get will differ in value depending on the other bets at different sites. It is often those betting sites that have their very own odds compilers, that will offer you the best odds of such events.

If you really want to see even more value, sign up to as many featured betting sites as possible. Doing so immediately when you see an e-sports bet opportunity you are interested in, will allow you to instantly qualify for the welcome bonus offered by those betting sites.

All-Way & Place E-sports Betting Odds

The number of competitors participating in esports tournaments or esports competitions can make it difficult to pick the winner. Therefore, you might consider placing a smaller risk bet.

As such, you’ll find that you can place either an individual or group bet by perusing the esports betting markets on any of our featured and approved online and mobile sports betting websites and apps.

Place a bet in the pace betting markets and the odds that each player finishes at the top of an e-sports event will be displayed. However, you should know that the odds of each site paying you for your bets will differ as will the number of players they pay.

An each-way betting option is also available. It involves backing one entrant in winning and covering them in finishing in one of several top positions on leaderboard. The place bet will also award you a percentage if your selected entrant places high up in the leaderboard of an e-sports tourney.